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Management Bookshop
Creating Successful Corporate Learning







Dynamic SWOT Analysis

Developer's Guide

Richard Dealtry




PRINT Version 55.00

(ring-bound, workbook-style)


Also available on Kindle


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Dynamic SWOT Analysis, or DSA, is a project management process that leads to good, clear, clean-cut, high quality decision making and programmes of definitive executive action.


The DSA project process starts with the traditional simple SWOT analysis, identifying the four energising attributes in each situation:

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats


DSA then upgrades the SWOT analysis and refines the outcome, moving it forward through several diagnostic and learning events into performance enhancing strategies and projects for business excellence.


The project process is highly dynamic and is a powerful engine for successful personal & organisational development. Significant improvements in the quality of personal judgement and organisational capability manifest through the use and re-use of this project best practice process.



Author: Richard Dealtry
ISBN: 978-0-9523007-0-0
Pages: 114



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