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Book Resources
Creating Successful Corporate Learning





Envisioning Development

Richard Dealtry


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This article focuses upon an important innovative development in new generation corporate university management. It addresses the thematic area of visual learning that is captured in the term 'The Art of Minds-eye Management'.

It reflects upon experiences with groups of managers in enhancing perceptive competencies using visual awareness learning systems. The envisioning of multi-functional concept scenarios is being widely realised as an increasingly important highly adaptive skill-set in real-time management.

The envisioning medium being reviewed and explored takes the form of narrative imagery. This is a form of quantitative and qualitative envisioning which is now being applied by groups of managers in many different formats to articulate and add new levels of learning and value to developmental themes.

The article reflects upon the mediocrity of traditional flatland representations of classic management concepts and models and explores the potential for delimiting conceptual design and the use of pictorial display of data and information as a means of communication, managing personal performance and accelerating organisational development. How to achieve a higher level of capability in the creative design and presentation of perceptive insights using visual analysis and explanation is designated as an area of management that is ripe for further development and is increasingly important for the successful evolution of real-time management theory and practice.




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