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G-ACUA Programme
Real Time Design in Work-based Learning and Development






G-ACUA Management Award


The G-ACUA Management Award for Real Time Design in Work-based Learning and Development is presented to those participants who successfully complete the programme to the required standard.


This G-ACUA-accredited award is based upon a clear demonstration of management learning and an understanding of the need to innovate solutions and leadership that will lead to important developmental executive actions. The scope and quality of the participants' work is central to the award evaluation process.


G-ACUA is an international management association, providing recognition for achievement in real time organisational development. Our awards cover all industry and discipline sectors. The award provides recognition that you have the ability to carry out front-line responsibilities in new learning-intensive management.


This award demonstrates the use of theoretical concepts, practical management innovations, dynamic learning processes and effective application to address the particular demands of particular situations. Our aim is to take organisations forward by giving encouragement, providing inspirational resources and offering professional recognition in dynamic learning and executive action.


Details of the G-ACUA Accreditation criteria can be found here:


G-ACUA Accreditation



Quality Assurance


The Quality Assurance marking process for this G-ACUA Management Award for Real Time Design in Work-based Learning and Development is based upon 2 written work-based work packages. Detailed descriptions and comprehensive guidelines for the completion of the 2 work packages are provided at the beginning of the programme.

Each work package will be assessed using executive management quality parameters. The work package markers will be professional managers who have had extensive practical experience in business and industrial growth and real-time corporate university development activities.

Programme participants receive feedback on each of their work packages. All work packages marks contribute to the final grade of G-ACUA Award.


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