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G-ACUA Programme
Strategic Corporate University Management






Programme Outcomes



Application Skill-sets:

  • gain a thorough understanding of the real-time corporate university innovation management concept and practices that inspire and create a company’s intellectual equity value

  • discover the capability to manage new innovative learning and knowledge for the individual and across the organisation

  • learn how to undertake a completely new real-time corporate university or enterprise academy innovation performance management application – from design through to implementation

  • review a current or previous innovation application initiatives and make recommendations for improvement

  • make specific actionable recommendations for the strategic management of the most important and urgent new learning projects


Specific Experiential Benefits:

  • key lifetime disciplines in objective self-assessment and taking responsibility for your own learning

  • accelerated real time relevant management experience, career progression potential, multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary learning and professional recognition for lifetime learning competencies

  • knowledge of the real-time corporate university management concept as a powerful, highly flexible, integrated platform for people & organisation capacity building and transitional business development

  • understanding of the importance of the new management skills in people, organisational and business inspired empirical research

  • skills to design configure and implement successful strategically driven real-time corporate university projects,

  • the skills to match organisational new learning requirements with offers from universities and external training providers

  • the capability to harvest, adapt and utilise useful knowledge for competitive advantage

  • more effective and efficient use of your time

  • bottom line business results and people development hand in hand





To apply to join the programme, please complete the application form and return it to us

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