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G-ACUA Programme
Strategic Corporate University Management






Who Is This Programme For?


Ambitious and Performance-Oriented Managers:

  • who are passionate about their career in management and want to conquer everything that their business environment puts in front of them

  • who want to break into senior management by finding innovative solutions to current challenges

  • who want to discover the new skills of high level integrated knowledge-age real-time corporate university management

  • who want to build lifetime learning community networks around innovations in dynamic learning process design and management

  • who aim to be tomorrow’s top management and to be a transformational leader in new learning and marketable knowledge creation

  • who want to lead in the release of people potential and self improvement that quality innovation led learning brings with it

  • who are facing or looking for a mid-career transition


University or Business School Faculty:

  • who want transitional experience in the new challenges of the business environment

  • for university and business school faculty who need an additional experientially inspired teaching resource


Study with Flexible Online Education:

  • when it most conveniently fits into your diary arrangements

  • when it synergises with your current employment challenges

  • when it fits well with your other career commitments




To apply to join the programme, please complete the application form and return it to us

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